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How can we fully use the hidden power in our body?

The most powerful part of our bodies is the torso, the abdomen and the back. Yet, most people do not know how to use this hidden power. We tend to only use our arms, shoulders and leg muscles thinking that is the best we can do. In fact, that is small amount of strength compared to what we can deliver from our “torso” or “core”.

The problem is we do not know how to integrate our arms and legs to our core and let the core movement deliver its power through the arms and legs. Using core torso energy to power our movement is the foundation of the Small Frame or Small Circle Tai Chi. The technique of achieving this integration is called Internal Discipline.

The technique of Internal Discipline

This online course concentrates on the techniques of integrating your arms to the core and integrating your legs to the core. How to utilize the power in the back muscles together with the abdominal muscles efficiently in complex movements for martial arts or sports applications is taught in this online Small Circle Tai Chi.

Who can learn Internal Discipline?

This online course allows anyone to learn Internal Discipline step by step at your own pace. If you are someone who feels they are missing something in their Martial Arts training, you will be pleased with this course. Most Masters are not taught Internal Discipline properly and therefore cannot teach you properly either. The teachings in this online course are authentic and have been passed down from Master to Student for centuries.

Learning Exercise Routines to Practice Internal Discipline and Enjoying Its Benefits to Your Health

Constant practice of the internal exercises taught in this online course will strengthen the body and will provide tremendous benefits for your health not achievable by typical external exercise routines popular in the exercise gym.

Classical Tai Chi movements look outwardly soft and relaxed, but internally a streak of vigorous energy is streaming and circulating throughout the body. In addition to creating robustness and power in the body, the Internal Movements from Internal Discipline penetrate deeply, stimulating the organs and promoting blood and lymphatic flow. Achieving this requires intense tuning and sharpening of the mind and body leading to a total exercise package for the body and the mind.

This course now includes access to the WhatsApp Classical Tai Chi Group when you Enroll. This community will allow you to find others in the course to exchange experience and contact your instructor directly.

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The Health and Strength with Tai Chi and the Internal Exercise for Power and Vitality courses provide basic internal move training. One of these should be done as a prerequisite course before starting on the courses Classical Tai Chi Small Circle Form Instruction Part I and II

Your Instructor

Stephen Hwa
Stephen Hwa

Dr. Stephen Hwa is the 2nd generation disciple of the legendary Tai Chi Master Wu Chien Chuan, founder of Wu Style Tai Chi. Master Hwa was fortunate to be taught the advanced “Small Circle, or Small Frame Tai Chi Form” where every movement originates from the core of the body. Because of the depth and subtlety of learning this art in addition to the early Master’s desire to pass on this art to only a few selected students, few Tai Chi practitioners now know about these exercises. Yet, the ultimate objective of learning Tai Chi is to learn the totally internal Small Frame, while other large frame exercises practiced by most Tai Chi practitioners today are simply preparatory in nature. During his forty years of practicing and teaching this art, Hwa has been able to utilize his advanced scientific training (PhD in Engineering) to deconstruct the art to come up with new teaching methods to break through obstacles in learning, so more people can learn these advanced movements quickly. He has written a book, Uncovering the Treasure: Classical Tai Chi’s Path to Internal Energy & Health, and created several online courses about Classical Tai Chi. For more information please visit

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The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
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