Did You Ever Wonder...
  • What are Small Circle Tai Chi’s unique additional benefits? 
  • How is internal energy used as a power source?
  • How is internal energy used as a power source?
  • How does Small Circle Tai Chi help with my martial arts training?
  • What are the important strategies and methods in Tai Chi?
  • How do I develop Qi?

I have found these to be common questions in my 40 years of teaching Tai Chi. My master, grand master Young Wabu, studied directly under legendary Master Wu Chian Chuan. And the principles in my courses contain knowledge from these masters.

Small Circle Tai Chi 
Unique health benefits

Focus on proper posture to maintain joint health. Avoid injury.

Learn to circulate internal energy during practice. Leading to power and Qi strengthening the body.

Find Master Wu Chian Chuan’s secret of “living forever in the spring season of your life”.

Online Learning

The traditional way to learn this was to study Large Circle Tai Chi with a master for years.

Then hope you were worthy to learn the Small Circle techniques by proving yourself.

With Classical Tai Chi, you can learn this advanced tai chi form quickly and efficiently online.

Several of our teachers learned small circle tai chi online with these courses. And you don’t need to learn Large Circle Tai Chi first.

Why Classical Tai Chi?

​I, Master Stephen Hwa, have 40 years experience teaching Classical Small Circle Tai Chi.

I learned directly from Master Wu’s student, grand master Young Wabu.

Most other teachers learned Large Frame Tai Chi from someone more removed.

This leads to a dilution of true Tai Chi.

Small Circle Tai Chi is the final stage of Tai Chi.

These online video courses clearly present the information in ways a live class cannot.

The videos are available 24/7, unlike a classroom space.

The videos can be slowed down or played as often as you want. You can’t get a teacher to stop a class for this.

You can watch online videos with any internet connected device with video capability.

No need to use the traditional method of apprenticing at the teacher’s home for years.

It's not Magic, It's Classical Tai Chi

Classical Tai Chi courses explain and demonstrate how each move fulfills the two criteria of Tai Chi--Health and Martial Arts benefits.

You will learn how to practice without injury during the forms and in real world applications.

Imagine bending and lifting with ease.

Playing your favorite sport with greater success. World Champion players use internal moves to generate power.

Internal Exercise for Power and Vitality

Your Classical Tai Chi journey begins here. 

This prerequisite course teaches you how to connect your arms and legs to your core energy.

Classical Tai Chi Small Circle Form Instruction
Part I and II

The next step is learning the Classical Tai Chi Small Circle Forms. 

The square and round forms teach you how to do martial art moves with internal discipline. 

The 108 forms are split into two courses.

Martial Arts Origin of Tai Chi
Health and Strength With Tai Chi

Health and Strength with Tai Chi explains in depth about the health benefits of small circle Tai Chi and expands on the information in Internal Exercise for Power and Vitality.

Martial Arts Origin of Tai Chi shows martial arts applications for the Small Circle Tai Chi forms. 

Learn how to improve your fighting skills.